• Brigitte A
    Brigitte A

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer, physician assistant at La Clinique Soleil for the dedication and care she gives to her patients every day.  I have been seeing her for the past two years and my health is her most important concern, her ability to express this to me creates a trust that cannot be touched.  Her compassion is beyond words and truly appreciated.  I thank La Clinique Soleil for having Jennifer as a caregiver.  I am so thankful to have her there when I need her

  • Roger B
    Roger B

    Have been to Hollywood Medical twice-once on a Friday night for my girlfriend- and then for myself when I had a killer cough.  Both visits I couldn’t get into my family doctor right away so I opted to visit Hollywood Medical and I am glad I did.  Both visits were pleasant, the staff was extremely friendly, the
    Doctors were kind and explained everything well.  They accepted my insurance and I only had to pay a small copay.  Very good place if you need an Urgent Car

  • Bonnie Y
    Bonnie Y

    My son who is 5 was sick this past weekend and by Sunday I felt he needed to be seen by a doctor. Our pediatrician’s office was closed so I called Hollywood Medical Clinic urgent care. It was Sunday at 11:00 am and the lady that answered the phone told me to come right over. I did not know what to expect but was impressed when I walked through the doors the atmosphere was clean and warm. They took my insurance and my son was seen quickly. The lady doctor that saw Danny was professional and thorough.

  • James L
    James L

    I had an injury and the staff at Hollywood Medical Clinic urgent care was prompt and very helpful! I will go back if I have any medical needs. Valerie was very caring and professional.

    Thank you Valerie and La Clinique Soleil

  • Maximiliano V
    Maximiliano V

    Dr. Bacchelli listens and helps me with all of my problems. He takes his time explaining and answering questions and is concerned about my health. Best doctor ever!

    Thank you Dr Bacchelli and Hollywood Medical Clinic, Urgent Care

  • Beatriz G
    Beatriz G

    Visited for the first time on my birthday and was surprised by the warm way I was received, in 8 years in Florida this is the first doctor’s office I’ve been to where the personnel and the physician’s exhibited a warm caring attitude and professionalism.

  • Matthew A.
    Matthew A.

    I really like the extended hours on nights and weekends, a time when our regular doctors won’t see us unless we’re in the hospital. A big thanks to all of you.

  • Cherise P
    Cherise P

    Hi my name is Cherise and I have been to La Clinique Soleil for many years. I have sent friends and family to the office and will continue to do so. The staff is very nice I am thankful to all of them from the

    ladies at the front desk, to the medical assistants, and all of the doctors. They never make me feel rushed and they want to help you.