School – CAMP – Sport – Work Physicals

Many schools, camps and employers require physical examinations and proof that immunizations are up to date. Check with your school district, camp sport team coach or employer for a detail of their requirements.  Below is some of the testing which may be needed.
·   School:  Complete physical examination and immunizations.
·   Camp:  Complete Physical examination and proof of up to date immunizations.
·   Sports:   Complete physical examination, proof of  up to date immunizations and is some cases and EKG (electrocardiogram).  Ask your coach if they require a physical form provided by the, if so  please bring it to you scheduled appointment.
·   Work:   Check with your employer and if they require a special form to be completed by the physician bring it to your appointment as some forms vary by employer.  In addition to a physical examination the following may be required (drug testing, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) testing, update on immunizations, electrocardiogram (EKG) and chest x-ray (CXR).

***Note;  Camp, Sports & Work Physicals are not covered by medical insurance.