Digital X-Rays

An x-ray is a common imaging study performed to assist physicians in viewing the inside of the body without having to make an incision.  A physician will order an x-ray to view an area where a patient complains of pain or to view a how a fractured bone is healing.  Some conditions for which physicians may order x-rays include:


         Conditions affecting the lungs

         Digestive problems

         Enlarged heart




         Swallowed items

         Tooth decay

X-rays use small amounts of radiation and they are monitored and regulated so that the patient gets the minimum radiation exposure to produce the image.  X-rays are not considered safe for a developing fetus.  Inform your physician if you think you might be pregnant.  If any doubt exists a pregnancy test will be performed prior to performing the x-ray.   The patient will be asked to sign a form verifying that they are not pregnant prior to the x-ray being performed.